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RPEA Chapter 9 Surf City– Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.


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February 2024 invitation to our March 5th luncheon; book exchange; treasurer's report; president's message; legislative report; what 2024's leap year status means; Project SCOUT provides free tax assistance to seniors; a little introduction to the history of Surf City–Santa Cruz RPEA Chapter 009; membership report; ready or not, election season is upon us; ladybugs overwintering; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings via zoom; we are seeking sponsors for our newsletters; sunshine; tech help is available to members.
January 2024 Ideas for the new year; treasurer's report; paying attention to our $ in CalPERS; Jerry Bowles: a stalwart advocate and standup guy; CalPERS announces $100 Billion net zero pledge and new climate accountability measures; membership report; driftwood destiny: where all those beached logs come from and where they're going; changes worth noting regarding Medicare; initiative to support aging in Santa Cruz unveiled; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings via zoom; we are looking for sponsors; sunshine.
December 2023 Chapter 9's holiday social; treasurer's report; restricted driver's license; winter health recommendations; some tips to keep you safe online; send a letter to editor; membership; health benefits; don't fall this fall; new laws for 2024; 2023 Adopt–A–Family Project December update; the Board of Directors honored Jerry Bowles for his years of service to our chapter; sunshine; members in the news.
Santa Cruz public art November 2023 Mosaic mural dubbed 'Dacing Waters' unveiled at River Front Garage; treasurer's report; 2023 Adopt–A–Family update; information about our holiday luncheon; know the signs of a stroke; send a letter to the editor; increase in scam calls to older adults; how to participate in a meeting via Zoom; how to renew a California driver's license if you're over 70: a roundup of tips; health benefits/insurance; legislative report; sunshine; all members arwe welcome to join our Board meetings via zoom.
October 2023 Public art to see; treasurer's report; 2023 Adopt–A–Family Christmas gift program; when does daylight saving time end in 2023? Here's when to set your clocks back an hour; Medicare open enrollment; north and south county; Chapter 9 election time; The federal government is offering free Covid-19 tests; fall prevention program from the Santa Cruz Volunteer Center; legislative report; sunshine; join a Board meeting; consider helping out our membership committee.
September 2023 The joys of a second career; treasurer's report; CruzAware warning and alert system; when information is lost or exposed; membership; legislative report; COVID–19, flu, and RSV; A guide to this fall's vaccine options; reminiscences; develop a Go Bag; sunshine.

August 2023 August in–person luncheon; treasurer's report; tips to protect yourself from debit card fraud; FEMA help extended to September 1st; membership; send a letter to the editor; legislative report; need tech help; SC County earns age–friendly status; CalPERS vendor pension benefit information sued for breach of retirees' data; health/ benefits; what to know about the new COVID shots this fall; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings via zoom; sunshine; tell your friends about RPEA.

July 2023 Retirees' information stolen from CalPERS; treasurer's report; summer luncheon meeting August 8th; book exchange; legislative report; membership; Assemblymember Gail Pellerin's birthday event; changes to the Grey Bears recycling program; the Resource Center for Nonviolence; Meals on Wheels and Senior Network Services; health benefits; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings; tell your friends about RPEA; sunshine; write a letter to the editor.

June 2023 Maureen McCarthy, from Assemblymember Gail Pellerin's office talked to us at our June lunch; treasurer's report; notes from Mary Doherty; call to action = positive result; Santa Cruz County new warning system launches; membership; storm assistance extended; sources for free cat and dog food; what to know about Roselynn Carter's diagnosis, symptoms and causes; 8 helpful examples of Artificial Intelligence; all members are welcome to join our zoom board meetings; sunshine.

May 2023 Call to action; treasurer's report; COLA increase; June 13th lunch information; need help with your phone or computer; what the advertising doesn't mention; legislative report; COVID booster update; good news for Californians; CalHOPE; membership; write a letter to the editor; what does the label "best before mean; Dignity Health closes Boulder Creek medical clinic; sunshine; you can join our zoom Board meetings; we are looking for sponsors; tell your friends about RPEA.

April 2023 Our June in–person meeting will be the 13th; president's message; treasurer's report; food choices; health benefits; tax relief for Santa Cruz residents; open to suggestions; legislative report; ready for the next disaster or emergency; membership; community support in times of disaster; yikes; sunshine.

March 2023 March 7th lunch meeting with Bonny Hawley; treasurer's report; how to fix Social Security; open to suggestions; membership; legislative report; health/benefits; keeping your Medi–Cal benefits; new policies impacting California family caregivers starting January 1st 2023; extended IRS deadline; 10 ways to prevent falling at home; sunshine.

February 2023 San Vicente Redwoods; treasurer's report; want to to healthier, happier, and live 2 years longer? volunteer; March 7th luncheon flier; Senior Network Services, Meals on Wheels, and the Live Oak School District; it's tax time; legislative report; Coastal Commission after 50 years; membership; helping our neighbors; flood recovery resources; sunshine.

January 2023 Our pensions at work; treasurer's report; your 2022 tax statement is now available; five steps to enjoy seasonal gift of health; in–person tech help is back at the libraries; overview of legislative process; what's in the $53B retirement bill now headed to Biden; food safety in a major concern after a power outage; you should always put a quarter on a frozen cup of water before a power outage; don't throw away your Middle Class Tax Refund; wild weather; membership; sunshine; save the dates

December 2022 Notes and pictures from our holiday gathering; treasurer's report; how to recognize, avoid, report scams; short notes; outreach reports; influenza (flu) information; change ushers in cheaper, easier–to–get hearing aids; membership; sunshine; legislative report

November 2022 Dec. 6, holiday luncheon; treasurer's report; how to scan a QR code; membership; technology adoption cycle; legislative report; Chapter 9 election time; a runoff election for the CalPERS Board Retiree Seat to be held; health benefits/insurance; Pfizer says updated COVID boosters rev up protection; learning the new light bulb terminology; outreach; women in their 80s; sunshine; join our zoom Board meetings; send a letter to the editor.

October 2022 Music Camp International; treasurer's report; outreach; General Assembly 2022; can you get the flu vaccine and Covid–19 booster at the same time?; the Middle–Class Tax Refund (MCTR) is a one–time payment to provide relief to Californians; health benefits / insurance; increase in Social Security benefits and decrease in Medicare Part B premium coming in 2023; a runoff election to be held for the CalPERS Board's retiree seat; membership; sunshine; legislative report

September 2022 Invitation to the October 4th lunch meeting; treasurer's report; book exchange and outreach; new Omicron–targeting COVID–19 boosters are approved. Here's what you need to know; upcoming elections for Retiree Seat on the CalPERS Board of Trustees; legislative report; membership; Seymour center exhibit; health benefits/insurance; sunshine.

August 2022 Pictures from our BBQ; treasurer's report; legislative report; health insurance news; general assembly 2022; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings via zoom; book exchange and outreach; accessing the new health benefits; USPS is featuring a stamp to mark the 30th anniversary of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary; how to avoid Medicare fraud; upcoming elections for Retiree seat on CalPERS Board of Trustees; membership; sunshine.

July 2022 Big Basin Redwoods State Park; treasurer's report; legislative report; all members are welcome to the Board meetings; annual BBQ is August 9th at Aptos Creek Park; sunshine; membership; Bay Area COVID cases are sky high; CalPERS Board vote is coming soon; tell your friends about RPEA; write a letter to the editor.

June 2022 Water sources in Santa Cruz; treasurer's report; legislative report; health/benefits; water resources; political action; summer solstice; sunshine; membership; volunteering with Homeless Garden Project; local action; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings.

May 2022 In–person lunch meeting June 14th; treasurer's report; legislative report; upcoming elections for Seats on the CalPERS Board of Administration; tips for today; election materials hit mailboxes; membership; CalPERS Long Term Care information – new log–on portal sign up; sunshine; what to consider before taking off your mask on public transit or planes; green cemeteries; all members are welcome to join our zoom board meetings.

April 2022 Speakers' notes; treasurer's report; legislative report; sunshine; Santa Cruz eliminates outside–City water surcharge; April is Earthquake Preparedness month, are you ready?; COVID–19 update; Medicare enrolls to get free COVID–19 tests at drug stores; president's message; membership; recycling– California has $600M in unclaimed can, bottle deposits; tell your friends about RPEA; we are looking for sponsors.

March 2022 In–person lunch meeting April 5; treasurer's report; legislative report; sunshine; two year anniversary of first confirmed Covid&ndasnh;19 case; we are calling all of our members; Cost–of–Living Adjustment (COLA) coming in May; did you notice your cup of coffee costs a little more than it did last week; membership; good morning from RPEA headquarters; DMV now offers online and kiosk services; misinformation is blocking climate action, and the U.N.is finally calling it out; all members are welcome to join our Board meetings; help your body adjust to Daylight Savings Time; Tell your friends about RPEA; send a letter to the editor.