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RPEA Chapter 9 Surf City– Santa Cruz has been serving retired public employees since 1958.

Member Benefits

Our association works hard to protect your pension AND your insurance benefits. This is one of the main advantages of being a member and one of the main reasons we are here for you!

RPEA works to protect California public retirees

  • A strong voice at the PERS Board of Administration – When the CalPERS Board meets, RPEA is there protecting our investments, improving access to benefits, fighting for simple procedures, and advocating for a fair deal for state, local agency and classified school retirees and their families.
  • An effective team of professional and member lobbyists – RPEA works to protect retirement security, protects retirement funds from raids, fights to improve retiree health, and wins additional post-retirement benefits such as vision care.
  • A successful partner in advocating for retirement security – RPEA works with unions and community groups throughout the state to protect benefits. RPEA has stopped efforts to privatize CalPERS and protects the defined benefit pension system.
  • A powerful force to elect qualified representatives at PERS – RPEA is committed to electing our CalPERS representative, and its members helped elect several CalPERS board members. Our representatives protect our retirement. RPEA will continue to help elect strong representative to make sure that CalPERS members have a board that listens to their needs.

Other Member Benefits

Thanks to our trusted partner, AMBA, members are eligible for exclusive supplemental insurance. Get special group rates on dental, vision, long–term care, cancer, heart, stroke, accident, life insurance, and other policies.
If you've had trouble getting supplemental insurance at a reasonable rate, here's your chance! Best of all, it's easy – you can enroll online or by phone.

Find out more about partner benefits here

Tech Support for Members

Our webmistress Becky Taylor is available for consultation and assistance to RPEA members with computer technical issues. Contact Becky Taylor at: 831–421–9284 or beckytaylortutor@gmail.com